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About me

Hi, my name is Sasha ( in the art world DanialliArt) , I am an artist and illustrator. I live in Ukraine and have a higher education in the specialty teacher of fine arts. I draw illustrations, portraits, study concept art and constantly work on myself in various branches of creativity. On this site you can see my works, and if you like them, you can easily contact me. Thank you!
drawing to order
Here you can contact me for any questions.
Fan Art
Character Design
create characters
Character creation process.
I create characters. Since I rather recently began to dive into the world of conceptual art, I feel that it fascinates me completely. I am ready to sit for hours and come up with the character’s facial features, the character, what he will be dressed in, it is a human or another creature and what form he should have ears.

Cartoon character of a cat.
Creating scratch cards on the topic of Chernobyl.
drawing portraits
I love to create digital portraits, because they have something special and magical. I feel that I do not work, but I drift with the flow during the creation of a portrait. It is very fascinating to draw every detail, glare, shadow, light, shine.
Who's in the painting: @paveletskaya
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